5 Uncommon Ways to Lower Stress

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I often encounter people that want a magic solution to their anxiety problem.

And you know what? I don’t blame them. Who wants to live with bad nerves?

But, sadly, there is no such thing. The solution to abnormal anxiety is less magic and more self-discovery.

Finding out how you became anxious and how to stop it is a long journey.

But that got me thinking. Is there anything that you can do to decrease your anxiety while you seek full recovery?

Of course there is! And the crazy thing is that much of what you can do to lower anxiety doesn’t involve therapy or drugs.

What it requires is that you pull your head out of the clouds and examine your everyday life just as much as you examine your symptoms.

It is easy to understand why people get stuck on the obvious problems that high anxiety poses, but what about the obvious solutions?

In this week’s episode of The Anxiety Guru Show I explore what parts of your everyday life you can tweak to help lower stress.

Yeah, I said stress. People are hyper-focused on anxiety. They are focused on the big stuff as it were. But what about the little stuff?

What about the little doses of stress that smack you square between the eyes on a daily basis?

Could addressing the low hanging fruit of daily stress help you recover from abnormal anxiety faster?

Alright, enough with the questions. Click on the icon below to hear the show.

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  1. says

    That’s a good point Arturo.

    De-stressing, especially when it comes to work, is a super important issue that most people ignore.

    It can come in many forms but the important part is simply putting that issue on your radar and then taking taking concrete steps to address it.

  2. vicky says

    Hiya paul. Really enjoying your podcasts and listening to them. Was just wondering if you explain more of your own journey of over coming your anxiety any where like you did with jess on one of your podcasts? Well done with all your work and thanks for your help.


  3. says

    I really liked this podcast. It reminds me of my aunt who suffers from anxiety now, but in the beginning she was just so stressed, mostly due to her work life. She had a high stress level for many years and we didn’t even realize that it had turned into anxiety until it was almost too late.. she’s been working very very hard for these past few years to overcome her anxiety and sometimes she has great days and sometimes she has bad.. Luckily her stress didn’t snowball to the point where she could no longer function because of it.

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