A Medical Condition Could Be Causing Your Anxiety

Many anxiety sufferers really do suffer because of a potential chemical imbalance, heredity, excessive stress, substance abuse, or other mental ailments.  However, there is a group of people that have an anxiety disorder caused by an actual medical condition.  In some people there really is a phyiscal basis for their anxious suffering and this is why regular medical screenings are important.

Now statistically it is very difficult to say what number of anxiety sufferers have anxiety because of a pre-existing medical condition.  But the fact that this can happen to people is no mystery.  According to the Harvard Medical School some studies indicate that as much as 50% of asthmatics suffer from anxiety and the same is true (to varying degrees) of many other medical conditions.  The list of exactly what medical conditions can cause anxiety symptoms is long but here are just a few.



Angina Pectoris (chest pains)

Heart Disease






Heart Failure


And of course the list goes on.  Let me also add for the sake of all the hypochondriacs that (of which I am one) this is not to alarm anyone.  Please don’t start thinking that you have some outlandish disease.  This is just to encourage people who are afraid to see doctors to do just that – see a doctor.

If you’ve been suffering in silence than go and get checked out.  It may very well be something else other than your mind causing all your anxious problems.  Going to the doctor for blood tests and other screenings will ensure not only that you can know the overall status of your health, but also whether or not a medical condition is to blame for all your anxiety symptoms.

Truthfully, if most of you are anything like myself than you go to your doctor quite a bit but I also know that there are other people in the opposite camp.

Just recently I went for a blood test to check the iron levels in my blood.  I wanted to rule out anemia because of the chronic fatigue that I’ve been experiencing.  It’s always a smart move to rule other causes of anxiety out, both for peace of mind and so you know what path to take toward treating your anxiety.  I hope this helps anyone on the fence about being seen by a doctor.


  1. Kelly says

    Just wanted to add one to the mix. After 8 years of having anxiety I was finally diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse. This condition can cause palpitations, anxiety, shortness of breath, racing heart, chest pain etc. I will be a guest on the Dr Oz show in January 2009. The show is called Anxiety, it’s not just in your head.

    All my best…Kelly

  2. rabi sherif says

    i am 48 years old and my husband is diabetic and so he cannot meet up with sex. because of that i have not had sex for about ten years now could that cause me chest pain?

  3. Justin James Roche says

    How many times a year does a patient go to the doctor presenting symptoms such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, only to be instantly diagnosed as having a mental health disorder and prescribed a one size fits all anti-depressant, which when used, does not cure the ailment completely and often gives the patient aditional problems caused by side effects from taking the medication.

    In a worse case scenario, some may even be prescribed anti-psychotics, and game over. No more normal living.

    How do doctors get away with this? Surely there is a major deficiency in the methodology used to treat people with such symptoms which often are caused by other root conditions.

    Why has the medical community not developed a systematic approach to determining the cause of such symptoms, a process of elimination, instead of the lazy approach of prescribing a one size fits all anti depressant.

    How many doctors perform a blood test for their patient in order to rule out any known underlining conditions before condeming their patients to a life living labeled as mentally ill while having many areas within their lives diminished.

    There are all sorts of possible caused for such symptoms that range from malfunctioning glands (example pituitary gland in men) to genetic defects (such as varicocele in men) which are treatable conditions that completely eleviate such symptoms.

    Is it not about time that the medical community developed an easy to follow procedure that systematically goes through such a process of elimination BEFORE doctors automatically jump to conclusions and ruin their patients life.

    I, myself, have recently discovered that I have bilateral varicocele, and that the condition was likely congenital, so I have likely suffered from the condition since birth.

    I only was able to obtain this diagnosis after spending many hours researching possible consitions and after ordering a Doppler Ultrasound of the appropriate area.
    The condition known as varicocele is known cause of testosterone deficiency which causes symptoms that manifest themselves as mental health disorders such as anxiety/chronic fatigue/depression/apathy etc.

    If I had left the process to my doctor, I would have never found out, and may have even be dead.

    Surely, with the wide use of computers, is it not time that a simple procedure is developed and implimented by the medical community that saves lives instead of ruins lives!

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