Anxiety Induced Chest Pain

Red Faced and Choking

Picture it, you’re enjoying an average day at work when all of sudden you get a sharp jabbing pain in the center of your chest.

You go from totally relaxed to “oh no!” in 3 nanoseconds. This is a very typical reaction to anxiety induced chest pain.

Chest pain can create a swift and focused sensation of fear all over your body in what feels like an instant.

Your first assumption is that you’re having a heart attack and that you’re going to die suddenly.

After several minutes of experiencing chest pain, even though you haven’t died just yet, you figure that it has to be something serious.

Symptoms like chest pain may have even prompted you to visit the ER or set up an appointment with your primary doctor.

If you did go to see a doctor he/she probably put you through the paces of blood tests, EKG, stress test and maybe even a portable heart recorder for good measure.

The tests all came back normal and you were sent on your merry way. But, you still get chest pain from time to time.

So what is happening, can it be anxiety causing you to have these pains? First let me just say that if you are experiencing regular chest pain and haven’t seen your doctor you should go see him/her asap.

Chest pain really can be a sign of heart attack or other serious heart condition.

Really I’m not trying to be an alarmist but this is just a fact. However, once you have been through the hamster wheel and have been told that your problem is nerves than you might be experiencing anxiety induced chest pains.

Anxiety does have the ability to make your chest hurt and it does this in generally 5 ways.

1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD causes your stomach to create excess acid which is “backed” up into your esophagus which in turn creates heart burn and chest pain.

2. Esophageal spasm : This causes your lower esophagus to contract and also disturbs the muscles in your chest wall. This is a random and involuntary contraction of a series of muscles.

3. Stress : High levels of stress over a prolonged period of time can cause muscle tightness and tension. This can lead to all kinds of aches and pains all over, including the chest area.

4. Panic attacks :It is also very common to feel chest pain and shortness of breath when experiencing a panic attack.

5. Precordial Catch Syndrome: PCS is usually seen in children and teens but has been known to affect adults.

This is a seemingly mysterious condition that causes sharp pains for short durations, normally under the left breast or even the arm pit.

And although the pain is sometimes piercing it is not dangerous nor does it require treatment.

I have read many articles that try to explain the difference between chest pain and a heart attack.

As far as I can tell there is very little difference between the two. This is exactly why it is so important to see your doctor if you are experiencing new or different types of chest pain.

Once you have been checked out however you should relax and accept that not all chest pain is heart related. This is not to say that it isn’t frightening because it absolutely is.

I’m just saying that you should try to put your mind at ease so you can reduce your stress level which would decrease the anxiety symptoms that create chest pain.

I have had this particular problem myself for about 2 years. And although you never get used to it, you can relax your attitude toward it.

It’s important to get cleared not just for safety reasons, but also to reduce the amount of fear you have when chest pain does hit you.

Chest pain is varied so it can make you grab at your chest and pulse for days. Your heart can feel “warm”, you can have short jabbing pains, the pain may radiate to your arms and back, your chest muscles may vibrate, the muscles under your arm pits may be affected, etc.

Chest pain can be an endless abyss of worry. So cut the worry off as it were and do what you must to be reassured.

For tips on how to relax effectively click here .

And for a good explanation about the difference between heart attack and benign chest pain click here.


  1. Mark says

    Yeh but Xanax is not working anymore I feel scared and my doc tells me it’s not your heart ur 22 u had tests 50 year old ppl go for . But my feelings are shit can’t face it :( sucks I used to live normal

  2. Tom says


    What types of meds have or do you take that you have found helpful. By the way I dont smoke. I exercise 4 days a week.

    Do you think IF someone had true blockage to a degree they had say angina or pain caused by it, there blood pressure would be 127/72?

  3. kenyanscorp says


    Dunno why you are so obsessed about blockages, did your doc say that, did you go for an echo. BP is essentially volatile, a circumstance like blockage might or might not necessarily increase it. BP varies through out the day. After a meal heart races and hence BP increases. As i mentioned above there are three kinds of Hypertension. If you have an exercise intolerance the chances are because of your BP meds for they hold onto your heart and prevent it from meeting the oxygen demand. If you are so scared just go for an echo and clear yourself.

  4. tom says


    again much of ur response is not what i ever.commented on

    ive never typed intolerance to excerise
    dr’s r not perfect so like getting feedback with similar issues

  5. Rachel says

    Hi I’m Rachel and I am a junior in high school. I’ve experienced chest pains since I was a child. The first time I remember my fist episode was when I had my training wheels taken off my bike, I was rushed to the ER in tears because my chest hurt, I got there and I was spinning in circles, so they figured it was nothing serious. Well since then I’ve noticed my chest pains in the left side of my chest (is more dominant) have occured more and more often. I’ve had EKGs, blood tests, XRays, and urine tests to check my potassium levels. Every time they cannot find one darn thing wrong with me (Its a relief, but I feel theres has to be something wrong with me in order to experience this feeling). I’ve been told I suffer from anxiety, as do many people but my main problem is trying to overcome it. I notice when I have episodes they aren’t right when I’m worked up, worried, stressed, or crying but they occur hours later or even the next day. I just need help trying to find ways to help myself I’m young and I want to tackle my problem before I enter the real world and have much more responsibility. I don’t want to let this control my life, which it has came to jepordaize my thoughts about taking certain classes in school. If anyone can help me or recommend a book for me to sit down and read please do.

    Thank you!

  6. kenyanscorp says

    You are not alone. The fact that you are clear medically means there is nothing visceral. It is in your mind.

    Stress increases your blood supply, your forehead constricts and you get a headache, nothing serious. Similarly stress increases blood supply to various parts of the body chest included, with it carries stress hormones, these are primitive mechanisms of fright and flight. In an anxious person you are forever in a state of emergency.

    To eliminate chest pains, just breathe slowly, inhale with your nose, and then exhale through our mouth with your tongue on the roof of the mouth.

    Secondly dont fight it, dont panic, it will pass. Cardiac pain doesnt happen the way you describe it.

    Evaluate your eating habits, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, chocos, oats, wheat. People with oats and wheat allergy can have skipped heartbeats, and a lot of people have just that.

    I have even found out that speaking fast and animated causes chest pain, creates the so called white coated hypertension. Learn to move and speak slowly, never hurry through, you might have to change a lifetimes habit but something that will put you on the top of the world.

  7. Core says

    I’m 30 and ALL of what is listed here I’ve been thru lately: stress test, echoe, 48 monitor, blood tests, a trip to the ER. All they had to say was that my heart was fine….thanks. Docs don’t seem to listen. My pain begain a few months ago. My dad is bipolar and I’ve seen him in manic fits but they were never directed at me….until a few months ago. I got kicked, punched, grabbed, shook, my spine shoved into the counters edge, my life was threatened, and when he came up with the baseball bat after *screaming* and banging things down stairs I tried calling 911…the cell phone went flying accross the room but I got to the main phone in time…yes, this was stressful but it only got worse….much worse. So I’m out of a home and everything I loved (even my cat). It just felt like my heart was being crushed in my chest with an overwhelming sense of dread and anguish. Ever since then any ammount of stress from any source starts stabbing me on the left side of my chest and sometimes my entire chest has great pressure on it. The odd thing is that I can exercise full force and not be pained a bit. And I had to drop all stimulants like coffee, ritalin, and when I tried to quit smoking the patch and gum hurt my heart, but smoking doesn’t hurt at all. It’s been so bad I tried taking my life. Just writng all this gives me pain. Things are going to be getting far worse soon and if it’s not my heart…I just don’t know how I’m going to manage the pain. I’ve sat breathing slowly for 30 minutes and not be able to stop my racing heart rate…I feel very alone & scared.

  8. Tom says

    Does anyone understand the true mechanics of how types of anxiety cause chest pain? I really dont know. I just have read it can. I think if i truely understood it might help me deal with.

    Everyone who is truly concerned to a point your life is being stripped from you, go get a CT scan. Its 30min non evasive and can tell you for certain all about your heart including blockage etc. THEN YOU WILL KNOW!


    i am too obsessed with my hearth thing like everyone else here, after i got clearance from my doctors, i started worrying about my slightly elavated BP which always comes between 125/70- 145/90 (i never had knowledge about bp before i got to know few months back that my bp is 140/90 and DOC scared me with consiquences) now when i have had almost every test including full body check up , an MRI for abdomen and chest .. all came out perfect except for low d3 and b12 levels..
    now since last 7 days i have started feeling mild headache in my head whic doesnt goes away, and the new thing in my mind is BRAIN TUMOR, i know its axiety but it scares me like anything..and i have again started visiting doctors for the pain and have the urge to get it scanned.
    I dont take anti-anxiety pill but yes i do take some herbal medicine for BP since few days as once my BP went up to 180/100 which was unrealistic for me (i was on a holiday at one one high alltitude locations) so i had to fly back and get my self checked again..
    GOD BLESS U all

  10. Tom says


    That is exactly what my BP range is. Has been for 10 years. Its really not a dangerous area if you ask true heart attack patience.
    HOW OFTEN do some of you who DO NOT have panic attacks but battle anxiety, have some type of chest sensations or feelings??? I have everyday almost, even when I feel Im calm. There are days when I have little or none. Half the time when I exercise I experience less or none.



    what do u say about these recuring/continous headaches that i have been having since 7 days now.. yes yes they are not severe , but they always succedd in distracting me from work..they feel mild and some times ignorable but are always present .. do i need to worry here ?

  12. tom says

    im not a dr but its likely from stress or anxiey
    many have tood me because ibworry about my heart it exolains.chest pain
    yours is ur headaches



    Mine problem too is heart but this headache has recently started unlike chest pains which have been occuring since last 3 months.. secondly i m worried becz one my BP went up to 180/100 for a day and i m still unable to find out the cause though its v much in control since i have taking a very good HERB along with regular meditation.

  14. Tom says

    Its not uncommon for BP to fluncuate. I have had bp that high before as well. If you have been checked, then your issue is very likely anxiety or stress related. How frequent do you have chest pain and what types?

  15. Tom says

    Google anxiety symptoms. They come all types. The mind and stress can play amazing tricks. Once you have been checked by Dr your focus should shift from worrying of your body to counseling. I too need to take my own advice.


    i have had stress, echo, renal dopler, HIV, MRI for abdomen, complete blood profile, eye testing, and everything that you can think off..
    My pain is usually mild in chest, i feel as if some thing is either stuck or some times a kind of sharp pain at the left side of my chest..
    i often experince pain in my neck, right chest, tingling in hands and legs..
    It scares me a lot and it all started when the doc scared me with my bp reading which was just 140/90 and i was having pain in my shoulder and since then i get my BP regularly checked, it scrwed my vacations and have been constantly worrying about my heart though i know i have been given a clean chit ..and now this headache thing has started and NOW BRAIN TUMOR seems me the cause of elevated BP.. i request everyone here to never use google for any of your symptom.. it has screwed my life big time..

  17. Tom says


    Your issue sounds exactly like mine. About 10 years ago a Dr told me same thing when I was at 140/90. I havent been same since. I have chest pains, sometimes dizzy feeling almost daily at some level or another since then. Some days are good others are bad.



    i too use to have these so calld DIZZY spells and i always use to think that it has something to do with BP or heart.. i was broke
    but things are getting slightly better.. i have started doing meditation, have made changes in my life style, have strictly restricted caffine and have been doing 45 mins of YOGA regularly.. it did gave results in 10 days .. try YOGA and meditation.. i hope we come out of this situation soon.

  19. Mark says

    Pleade help I’m on Xanax but its not working I have chest pain jaw and arm pain I’m 22 years old had echo x2 stress test x2 5ecg 5 different doctors blood tests but worry about it help it’s happening now even got hot face . Aniexty do this ,??? Plz I’m scared :( my blood presure is normally 120/70 or 120/80

  20. Tom says

    Yes anxiety can do this. At your age and the checks you have had done. YOur fine. If anything speak with psychiatrist. Some meds have side effects too.



    120/70- 120/80 is the blood pressure that most almost everyone on earth dreams for..

    if you have been given clean chit.. stop worrying, dont try to resist your anxiety as its says EVERYTHING U TRY TO RESIST PERSISTS .. so whenever u have anxiety attack, be calm, sit quitely or involve your self in some work (its really hard i know) but dude we cant do anything about, anxiety is like BLOOD SUGAR, you have to keep it in control and have to live with it.. choice is your .. and for a moment consider you gonna die in another few, days/ months or years.. but dont u think whatever time is left.. we must live it to the fullest rather then living like dead even before we actually die, take an example of TOM in this thread he was your age when he srated with his similar symptoms like your but the good part is HE IS ALIVE.. so you can be assured that you have atleast another 10-15 years left.. GOD BLESS U MARK, i know how it feels, and you can always get in touch with me whenever you fear.. i m sure we can be a great support to each other in such situations..

  22. Mark says

    Undwrstand but just struggle I’m 22 and symptoms are so intense . Scary when I run and stop it hurts to breath doctors say its not my heart but I can’t keep running . Is this normal ? I saw a physiologist doesn’t work . Just scared sucks

  23. Tom says


    You anxiety can play tricks. There is something called exercise resistance. Nothing to worry just a paing. This may exist for you. Calm down, meditate and relax. Then simply take a modest walk. Relax and ease into it again and work way up. You might be surprised and find a parallel


    START MEDITATING FOR 15 mins daily in fresh air.. i bet u will mark differnce in 3 days.,.. allow al negative thoughts, positive thoughts top come just CLOSE YOUR EYES AND PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BREATH nothing else.. and let happen whatever happens in those 15 mins

  25. ricky says

    Im 19 years old and ive been suffering from anxiety for about 4-6 months… I get REALLY bad chest and back pains. I used to live normal, i played varsity baseball for 3 years and 12 years of city ball. And just this past year o sprained my ankle for the first time and thats actually when it started to kick in. I used to smoke weed, but i stoppd cuz it made my heart race like no other, and i started to smoke cigs and quit that as well. Ive been to the e.r because i had a panic attack during my mens softball leauge. I thought i was dying.. And they told me i was fine. But i still get reall bad pain in my chest and back.. And ive been take motrin.. A LOT. Mostly everyday. But i drink lots of water but im just really scared i will never b able to overcome anxiety. Its the worst thing ever.. As im typin im having horrible pain and i just got off work. I wish i could somehow control it, i feel like i have lung cancer or something.. That what always comes to my head, but ive had chest x-rays etc.. And they tell me im fine. Do any of u know of any book i can read to help me? I mis living normal again and being happy.

  26. Tom says

    What type of chest pain and how frequent? Is it when your relaxed or exercising or both?

    Google anxiety symptoms for starters. Then consider speaking to a counselor.

  27. Ricky says

    For the past couple of days it’s been everyday. But I also found out I could have a pinched nerve in my back. Ive been having super bad back pains and my mom said back pains could cause chest pains. Is that true?

  28. Tom says


    I have chest pain of various kinds everyday for months and months. Describe yours.

  29. D says

    im 21 now had a few chest/back pain’s the past few day’s think my first one was a couple week’s back an i have noticed the more i have worried about it the worse it’s got lol feel’s around where i would say my heart is and it isnt just a pain it’s an odd feeling. was planning on going to the docter tommorrow to make sure im not going to “kick the bucket” but you tbh i don’t think im going to bother now. for year’s iv thought to my self “god that doesent feel right S**t im dying” lol and it’s stupid think the last thing was i thought i was possibly not getting enough air in when i breath…..i do not have asma or anything it’s just me stressing over nothing. think we have all just got to chin up an crack on. i would say im fairly fit i train 5 day’s a week at a high intensity…Sprint’s,Circuits& 5&10k run’s if my heart really is going to pack in i have done my best to stay healthy so so be it i guess. hope you all feel better soon reading most of your comment’s has just made me realise im not alone and im probably just being a girl there’s nothing wrong.

  30. Adam says

    I am 29 and having the same problem it can be scarey. I have had 3 EKG’s 3 Chest xrays and 3 different blood works done and all normal. The doctor said it is anxiety and GERD but i am medicine for the Gerd but not the anxiety. I get chest pains all the time and i am in the army i run,ruck,climb and stay in shape so honestly its just anxiety. Its better not to take meds for that problem because it is all mental and we all have the power to change that our selfs. Everybody needs to be strong and fight the anxiety just take your mind off of it by doing something that you enjoy and can focus on. Hope everybody here feels better soon i know i am trying

  31. Jeremiah says

    Hey folks,

    I am a 35 year old male who has been struggling with anxiety for a little over a year now. My first attack hospitalized me, and so did my second. I was sure I was having a heart attack both times. I know how scary it is to believe you are about to die. I have a beautiful wife and a career that I am passionate about and a future planned out for us.It is frustrating and difficult to have a doctor tell you that nothing is wrong with you when your body is convincing you that something is very wrong. Since then I have had countless blood tests, 2 seperate walking monitors, a stress test and echocardiogram, a heart saver CT scan, MRI’s and CAT Scans of my chest. My tests were clear, all of them. Those results were confirmed by 3 doctors, two of whom were cardiologists.

    Yet I feel physical symptoms every single day. I take xanax .25mg as needed but it only makes me feel sedated. I still feel fearful when my symptoms attack me. I have found that eating a veggie heavy diet, good sleep, lowering my caffine intake, drinking in moderation, and exercise greatly reduces the frequency and severity of my attacks. Until this began I had perfect history of health. No heart disease in my family history, no cancer, no mental illness. Anxiety is so difficult to manage because the physical symptoms cause even more fear, it affects your quality of life, and the physical symptoms are completely out of your control.

    My heart goes out to each and every one of you who deal with this problem everyday. I just wanted to share my story because maybe some else might find it helpful in some way. I wish I had some profound advice or some secret trick to overcoming this disorder but I don’t. Hang in there and try to apprechiate the good things in your life. God Bless.

  32. Mark says

    Hi I’m 22 lived with this for a year Iv been told I have aniexty but living with chest pain day in day out with shortness of breath iv been to 2 cardiologists but my mind won’t take it I’m fine it makes me so afraid .

  33. joel says

    This is a suggestion that may help people who have chest pains that are NOT caused by heart problems.

    I am 36 years old and had a condition felt like costochondritis chest pain for 2 years, starting when I was 33. It was very scary and painful, and affected my life dramatically. No pain medications helped me at all. It took several years to figure out that most of my chest and rib pains were actually caused by tense muscles in my back; this caused referred pain to my chest and ribs; weird, I know. Anyhow, if anyone wants to try simple, cheap, and non-medicinal remedies to re-occurring chest pains, here is what I would recommend: (1) get a back massage by a registered massage therapist and/or (2) use a tennis ball against the floor or the Theracane ( to massage you own muscle knots in your back. These days, when I feel a sharp chest pain, I can massage it away by working on back-muscle knots in about 3-5 minutes.

    Good luck, and I hope my experience can help someone.

  34. Jennifer mcknight says

    Hey my name is Jennifer i am 22 years old , and i have been suffering with anxiety for 10 years . I started at a young age . I just would like to know what i need to do when my chest always hurting . I think its from alot of stress , and it makes my back and neck hurt !… I take medication for anxiety . What do i need to do ??.

  35. says

    Hey great post !

    When you get chest pains it is really hard not to panic.. and when you panic it just makes everything worse…

    Getting that trip to the doctor out of the way to rule out any more serious problems was a really important step for me in reducing my anxiety…


  36. kenyanscorp says

    Siddharth, mark, tom etal

    Another common cause of chest pain that i found was that most of us are right hand dominant, consequently the left side is weaker. Anytime you stretch your chest muscles as in exercise or lift weights etc, your left side is bound to have localised, mild intermittent pains for no reason.

    Secondly if you have not had proper bowel movements and the transverse colon which lies beneath the diaphragm is impacted with stools, it impinges on nerves common to the abdomen and chest which causes the above kinda chest pains.

    In the gym when i switched over from heavy to light weights, it has increased the frequency of chest pain. I feel it is because the lighter weights targets the smaller muscle groups which can cause these intermittent chest pains.

  37. adam says

    Since i just recently started klonopin my anxiety is totally gone guys no more chest pain no more anything. If you can start taking this medication do it my doc said and it would help and it totally did starting the first day and i have had no side effects.

  38. Michelle says

    Hi im 17 n I been haveing this problem ever since I had my bby its been 5 months in my first experiance I went to emergency room I really thought I was ganna die it feels realy bad the first 3 months were the worst chbecuz I really dident know how to control it I went to emerginces almost 2 times a week it was really bad they cheeked me for heart problems n lungs they also did blood test n they said I was fine but I dident accepted I went to a other doctor n they tld me the same thing n that doctor tld me I had alot of strees!n anxity soi now im a lil better on controling it but is very hard sumtimes:( but I love the feeling when I dnt feel nune of that but once it comes dammn I hate it! I know I got to stay strong for my lil girl and for myself n reading all this storys here really did help alot:)

  39. kenyanscorp says

    I saw a peculiar problem today. Having had a gut infection the doc gave me IV pantaprazole yesterday. I took a cipro in the morning on my own after 4 hours i started finding involuntary chest muscle spasms every few minutes on the left side for the past several hours. I was on a bland diet whole of yesterday. I doubt if it is the gut infection and acidity and esophageal spasm or the cipro which is causing this. The spasms are painless and fluttery feeling in the chest and random. Anyone pls share your views.

  40. adam says

    What your having is just muscle spasams most likely from your diet if your body dosent have enough potasium it will cause it to spasam like that it has happened to me before it is normal the lack of potasium can cause that and craps also.

  41. kenyanscorp says

    I found out another seemingly innocuous factor for anxiety. BAKING SODA. NAHCO3 when mixed with water releases carbonic acid, co2 and NAOH. The alkali and CO2 disrupts the acid base balance of the digestive system and screws up the digestive process and can lead to increase in unhealthy gut flora which in turn can reduce the essential vitamins produced by these probiotic flora. Secondly this acid base imbalance is transferred to the blood and when the pH of the blood is altered it leads to anxiety disorders and a key symptom of blood pH alteration is labored breathing. Dietary indiscretion and eating out is the one of the main causes. Anxiety sufferers should take a food audit.

  42. ajenpen says

    Wow! Thanks to this post, I finally know what I have! PCS decribes the pain I have exactly. Under left breast, hurts a ton to breathe in. I got another bout of it yesterday that lasted for quite a while. I’m glad to hear it’s not dangerous (as I also get major anxiety from a fear of heart related problems or breathing problems) I have that along with other chest pain related to anxiety, it feels much different and is always in the same spot.

  43. JackV says

    Hi everyone, im 17 years old, i experienced a sharp pain in my shoulder whilst in a lesson and for some reason lead to me have a ‘panic attack’ which i thought was a heart attack, i went to A&E and they did an ecg and said i wasnt havnt having a heart attack and sent me home, a couple weeks later i went back to A&E as i was having chest pain and was just frightened, they did an ecg and blood tests and again sent me home. Since them i went to see a cardiologist who did a echocardiagram and stress test and said the tests came back fine. I went to the cardiologist about a month ago and since then have still been scared im going to have a heart attack. i get sharp pains in my chest on and off, i get pressure in my chest which scares me, i get occasional sharp pinching feelings in my left arm, and i get light headed alot which just makes me petrified. If anybody could give me any advice it would be much appreciated, i am just terrified that im going to have a heart attack and die, i just want my old life back before i was worrying about all of this. By the way its been 3 months since i first had the ‘panic attack’.

  44. Damaris says

    Food allergies and sensitivity can cause symptoms similar to those of heart trouble. It does this by increasing inflammation . If you can see an allergist and for now try taking an antihistamine if the symptoms occur
    ( preferably one without ephedrine ) and avoid anything containing caffeine which includes :
    Chocolate, coffee, tea, and various other foods lotions and products.

  45. Maverick says

    Hi I’m 34 years I’ve been suffering with anxiety for the past few years I think it started when I found a my friend dead he had a massive heart attack at the age of 47 ever since then I see the world defferent I see it as a short pointless life n that it could happen to me any moment. I guess I’m scared to leave this world to soon like my friend I’m not married no kids like him all I do is work n sleep these days I feel like life is passing me by . I once had fun lots of fun nights with girls drinking bars clubs all the time. Now nothing seems to interest me anymore . I guess what really started scaring me is when my anxiety started to get physical like chest pains it doesn’t feel sharp it feels like my chest is heavy like a have muscular chest pain it’s been going on for awhile I keep thinking it’s my heart I quit smoking cigs like a year n a half ago n it seems I’m getting worse I thought it was from smoking but idk I’m confused my whole body hurts .went to docs they found nothing. I’m lost I don’t wanna go on anxiety meds n and I don’t want to c a shrink I’m thinking about joining the gym does anybody know if working out really can help with anxiety ??

  46. Kelsey says

    Hi. I’m currently 21 years old. I had a baby on February 27th of this year. I work night shift, and one night when I got off work I suddenly felt like an elephant had sat on my chest. I then passed out. Once I woke back up I started to panic about the situation. Since the incident occurred, I’ve had regular panic attacks. The attacks lasted for a couple weeks then subsided. Now I have regular chest pain and arm pain (both arms and both sides of the chest, just varies day to day). I’ve been to the hospital twice and also spoke to a great friend of my family who also is a cardiologist and I’ve had many ekgs chest x rays and ct scans. Nothing was physically wrong with me. Even with consistent chest pain. I was told it was anxiety and I have to visit a neurologist for further information. It’s very hard to deal with, and very scary. It most definitely feels like a heart attack. But just something I have to deal with. I’ve found xanex to help. But have yet to visit a doctor.

  47. says

    Hey Kelsey, sounds like you’ve been screened appropriately. Have you considered seeing a therapist? If there is nothing wrong with you physically then it’s a good time to explore your anxiety in earnest.

  48. melvin says

    Hi my name is Melvin and I’m 25 years old. I’ve been suffering from anxiety for the last 1 month. I have been having chest pains,palpitations,tense muscles,stive neck,dizzyness,shortage of breath and sweaty palms…I used to get all the in the beginning. I’ve done all my test EKG and blood test all came out fine. Doctors said that I’m actually having anxiety and Its due to stress. I met this excellent doctor a week ago with a really good advice given to me. I’ve not taken any antianxiety medication or any medications at all. But all the doctor thought me is how to control my mind and let everything out once..since then its a week now my chest pains has stopped all I’m left with is little panic attacks which are controllable and tensed chest muscles..I suggest to all my friends who has been going through what I did to change your healthy stuff..stop smoking and alcohol which I did as well..start exercising.. do a little yoga..stay away from caffeine its bad for anxiety trust me!!! It just makes it lots of funny stuff to increase your happy hormones..and get vitamin b complex…its only a week that I’ve been doing all this and I see so much of difference…there are other things that help reduce stress as well such as making love and a good massage helps a lot indeed..try all this I really hope it helps all of you as it did to me….

  49. Tara says

    My heart muscle hurts , I get slight paralysis and numbness and war mess in my left arm and leg .
    The pain can be severe then gone . Or it can last for days on a mild roller coaster peaking . It hurts my back right behind my heart . I went to the ER after I had spotty vision . all results are fine although I had an abnormal EKG reading it was diagnosed as ok . I figured I havnt died yet so I must be ok. but it’s very concerning . I feel like it can be triggered by anxiety ? I was startled at church and it acted up . But other times I’ll be laying watching the clouds totally relaxed . Now I’ve had off and on pain since Friday . what should I do. It’s Sunday.

  50. says

    3 days ago I sat up and ended up polaxed I could not catch my breath evey Tim I inhaled the pain in my chest and under my arm pit is so bad I don’t want to breath in I breath very shallow as not to end up on the floor in agony I stand up booom the pain takes my breath away I am no stranger to pain I have broken almost every bone in my body over the years and have NEVER been put on my back side by any pain BUT THIS this is something else of the pain chart and I don’t know why if you can help I would really appreciate it

  51. suzi says

    I take propranolol and klonopin and celexa and wellbutrin. if i dont stay on top of it my stress goes over the top. i am very high strung i have severe anxiety and i stress like nobody’s business.. people say just stop or just calm down the truth is i cant. that is just how i am and its going to kill me :( ive been thru a lot and not everyone knows that and im not going to repeat my life story to everyone or tattoo it to my forehead. just know its a struggle.

  52. Rebecca says

    I have been having chest pains since 2010 when i joined high school….av gone to different hospitals soo far without positve results.i feel bad when chest attacks occurs,that they even distress me.i feel pain at the sternum and even some times the pain extends at the back………please help me.i want to get better


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