Bouncing Back From Panic

After experiencing your first panic attack or anxiety symptom you’re immediately faced with a critical decision. You either take action or stick your head in the sand and hope for the best. On today’s podcast my guest Julia Cardoso chose the former.

I spoke with Julia over Skype and I got a fascinating glimpse into her struggle with abnormal anxiety. Luckily for Julia she’s approached her anxiety problem with courage and determination. I hope she inspires you to do something about your anxiety problem if you haven’t already.

In this podcast Julia and I discuss…

1. Her first panic attack and its aftermath

2. The stigma of having an anxiety disorder

3. How anxiety impacts relationships

3. What steps she took to deal with her anxiety problem

5. And more…

I want to thank Julia for stepping up and sharing her story. It’s not easy to come out in public and talk about yourself. It’s even harder to talk about an issue that most people ignore or ridicule. I hope that by Julia sharing her story you gain some insight into what it takes to win the fight against abnormal anxiety.

You can listen to more of Julia on her podcast Anxious Ramblings. Now on iTunes!

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  • Dennis

    Some seriously great anxiety info on your site, we have similar stories in fact pro tennis player overcomes debilitating anxiety naturally after 6 years please check it out, would love to hear more podcasts thanks again.

  • Well-Being Hotspot!

    I can relate because I was tired all the time and had no energy when I was living
    with anxiety and constant fear. I found
    out they are all related to your body simply not getting what it needs. I researched and tried out many different
    supplements, starting watching my diet and also started walking and deep
    breathing every day. The body needs
    nutrients, fruits and veggies and exercise.
    If it isn’t getting these things, toxins and waste will start to build
    up inside and cause all kinds of problems.
    That anxious feeling is your body telling you that something needs
    correcting. Take a hard look at your
    eating and exercise routines and make the necessary improvements. After almost 4 years of following these
    guidelines, I am anxiety free!