Do Nothing for 2 Minutes


You ever feel like you can't relax? And I don't just mean because you're nervous, but just in general? Yeah, me too. I always have this feeling like I should be doing something. Whether it's writing, reading, texting, something. I've never really sat around and thought about this too much until I ran into this website called Do Nothing for 2 Minutes Dot Com. The website is weird, but in a really good way. You simply go to the website and do nothing while you look at a clock that counts down for 2 minutes. There is a sunset, the ocean, and

How I Beat My Worst Anxiety Phobia: I Got Drunk

The other day we had several people over for barbecue and good times, but before the soiree took place I vowed to do two things - 1. Get drunk and 2. Be alright with being drunk. Usually I'd tell you that alcohol and anxiety just don't mix, and I think this is still the case. Lots of people use alcohol to cope with anxiety but inevitably this leads to alcohol dependence and - ironically - more anxiety. So it really is a non-starter. But this post isn't a celebration of alcohol or alcohol influenced text messages (of which I indulged in

If You Don’t Stop Mind Reading Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

No matter how hard you might try you will never be able to read minds; this despite your anxiety driven belief that you know what other people are thinking when they stare at you from across a room. I recently spoke with a friend about this and I thought I'd write about it in the future, then I thought why wait?  It seemed like an immediate issue for my friend, it only made sense to me that there would be more people with the same problem. I used to try and "read" other people's mind too, that is until I realized how pointless it was.  At

My 10th Anxiety Anniversary

In August of 1999 I had my first panic attack.  Since that time I've had a life filled with anxiety, worry, fear, and general apprehension.  The fact that I have anxiety is not really surprising when you think about it.  My great grandmother, grandmother and mother all had or have the condition. In my case it was mostly genetics that brought this on, but whatever the cause it all sucks nonetheless.  In retrospect despite my long struggle with anxiety I've still lead a relatively normal life.  Sure I've missed some parties, don't drink, or


Summer is upon us once more and that means one thing: vacations (or holidays if you’re English!). For most people holidays are something to look forward to. A time to relax and lose any stress they’ve accumulated over the year. However, if you’re anything like me, then jetting off somewhere hot and sunny is just about the most testing experience you can imagine. Why? Well, where to start? How about the plane. In truth the prospect of jumping on an aircraft of any kind is only marginally preferable to leaping into a fish tank full of

Anxiety And The Gym

As long as this blog has existed I have always encouraged my readers to exercise because whether it's running, biking, swimming, or whatever it's a well known fact that exercise can relieve stress and anxiety.  I've worked out myself off and on for some time but always in my home.  I've always been too self conscious to run down the street or worst yet join a gym. It's not like I've never been a gym member, just not for a long time.  Recently I rejoined a local gym and the adjustment has been steep.  This is because for anxiety sufferers


Weed, marijuana, pot, hash, dope – it has a million names but I guess the most universal is cannabis so that’s the one I’ll stick with here. After alcohol, nicotine and caffeine it is the most commonly used drug. Indeed over one hundred million Americans have tried it and twenty five million in the past year. And why not? It’s not physically addictive, it can relax you and can cause euphoria. It can turn you into the world’s greatest philosopher! Therefore why, you might ask, am I bothering to write this article? Well, I guess it’s by way of

A Medical Condition Could Be Causing Your Anxiety

Many anxiety sufferers really do suffer because of a potential chemical imbalance, heredity, excessive stress, substance abuse, or other mental ailments.  However, there is a group of people that have an anxiety disorder caused by an actual medical condition.  In some people there really is a phyiscal basis for their anxious suffering and this is why regular medical screenings are important. Now statistically it is very difficult to say what number of anxiety sufferers have anxiety because of a pre-existing medical condition.  But the fact

Mental Chatter

It’s often said that the anxiety sufferer is his own worst enemy and in a sense that’s true. If you’ve ever just listened to what the voice in your head is saying to you, without you even realizing, you’d be pretty amazed. This really hit home to me a couple of weeks ago after yet another trip to my therapist. She asked me to go through an exercise to help me tune into what my brain was telling itself every time I get an anxiety symptom. For me my anxiety centers on my heart. I’m always paranoid I have a heart condition or that I’m about to