My Anxiety Guru Success Story

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Hi there. My name is Katie. I am writing this about my personal journey and how I’ve been able to push past so many of my fears and overcome with the help of the anxiety Guru podcast, the blog, and having an anxiety/ life coach. To summarize, I’ve been in an 11 year struggle with crippling anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and zero self esteem. I never thought I would be able to overcome my anxiety and how it held me back from doing everything I wanted to do in life. Slowly my anxiety seemed to take over everything. At first it was just

A Personal Challenge From Paul Dooley

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I don't like New Year's resolutions because they don't work. The reality is that you can start to change on any given day. So I'm not going to ask you to set a goal with an arbitrary timeline. Instead, I want you to reflect on a few things. For starters, what are you going to do differently this year to lower your anxiety? I want you to take a step back and really think about that. After you and I stop stuffing our faces with cookies and pie (or is that just me?) this holiday season it's time to get serious about your

Mental Health: The War at Home


Today's post was written by U.S. Army veteran PM. Warning: This article contains strong language. Mental health doesn’t just affect a certain type of person. It could affect anyone from kids, adults, men, women, black or white; it really does not matter. Does being a veteran mean that I have a significant case of mental health issues? No, it doesn't.  But I would like to discuss the stigma that many veterans experience with you. I spent 6 years in the Army, I spent one deployment in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. After my second

From Bad to Worse: My Struggle With Hypochondria

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This week's article is brought to you by Anxiety Guru reader Ashley. She was kind enough to share her story with us and provide a detailed glimpse into the world of health phobia and how she's learning to cope. - Paul Dooley I am a Christian. I have three beautiful children, a wonderful handsome husband, and a loving supportive extended family. I am a blessed girl. I have always considered myself a worrier. But, it was more of a funny thing. Something that made me quirky. To cut right to the beginning of recent events, I’ll just

Conquering Anxiety: My Story

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Today's post was written by former anxiety sufferer Elisa. I am grateful to Elisa for sharing her inspirational story with us here at AG. Don't forget to visit Elisa at and share your comments with her below. - Paul Dooley My Own Brand of Anxiety My name is Elisa, and I’m an anxiety sufferer. I say “I am” rather than “I was” because the way I see it, anxiety is a little like alcoholism. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, even if you’re not currently drinking. I AM an anxiety sufferer, even though I haven’t

Confidence and Self-Esteem for Sufferers of Anxiety

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Today's guest post is brought to you by former anxiety sufferer Jon Jones. Jon began his struggle with anxiety and depression over 18 years ago. And after years of struggling he's learned how to overcome these two challenging conditions. -- Paul Dooley Being confident and feeling great about yourself are two qualities that make life deeply satisfying. You have a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye. People you meet are swayed by your natural charisma and charm. The good times are better and the bad times not so bad. You can

5 Years of Failed Blogging?

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Can you believe it? I've been blogging for 5 years. I guess the old saying about time moving faster as you age is true. I can remember writing my first blog post in 2008 like it was yesterday. To be honest I have mixed emotions about this blog now. At first I wanted to create something remarkable. I wanted to create an important anti-anxiety resource. I ended up with something very different. For years I wrote blog posts and produced podcasts hoping that would grow and evolve and you know what? It didn't. I tried

Is Your Diet Causing Anxiety?

Today’s guest post by Juliana Weiss-Roessler of Weight Loss Triumph. Last year, researchers found evidence that the kind of bacteria we have in our gut actually influences our brain chemistry and how we act. And what determines the types of bacteria that reside in our stomach and gastrointestinal tract? Food. Translation: psychologically speaking, we are what we eat. For years we’ve been aware of some kind of association between anxiety and things like irritable bowel syndrome, but now we know there’s a microbial component that may be

AG Members Launches in 10 Days

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Last year I was sitting at home thinking about how I could deliver exclusive content to people who are serious about getting better. What I came up with was a private website packed with rock solid information. And finally, after months of work, my members only website is ready to launch. In the members only area you'll find new podcasts, videos, articles, and a brand new forum. You can take a tour of the new site here. Why is the new website private? Many people with anxiety problems are reluctant to talk about their issues in