Nature, Your Health, Your Happiness

Today's guest post was written by Rhana Pytell Kozak. Rhana is a passionate advocate for the role of Nature in health and healing. She is the CEO/founder of BRIGHTERSTEP. You can contact her at - Paul Dooley What happens when you walk in Nature, a park, or a botanical garden? Research is revealing an emerging picture that plants live in a world we can barely imagine, perfumed by clouds of chemicals rich in information. Evidence continues to emerge regarding the stupendous plant healing energies and messages

7 Essential Books That Will Transform Your Anxious Life

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Mastering the art of anxiety reduction takes time. You might be anxious and frustrated but the process of recovery doesn't care how you feel. It doesn't care what you want. And it doesn't care how long it takes you to get it right. Recovery demands that you take certain steps first. Steps that you cannot skip. And if you try to skip steps you will pay a price. The price, of course, is eternal stagnation. A never-ending loop of short-term relief followed by more anxiety. So what is the first step towards recovery? The answer is

3 Types of Anxiety Medications That Work Fast

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When it comes to curing abnormal anxiety you have to keep your head on a swivel; always on the lookout for a permanent solution to your problem. How you do this will vary but an important part of healing, regardless of the method, is managing the physical symptoms of anxiety. The reality is that it's difficult to make progress when your body is under constant assault by chest pain, palpitations and other symptoms. Anxiety symptoms breed terror and ferocious mental unrest making it hard to do anything much less get better. I always

How to Create Coping Skills That Don’t Suck

If you're still hoping to find a quick fix to abnormal anxiety, stop. I understand your frenzied hunt for answers; why you spend so much of your time looking for special solutions that will put your mind at ease, but that's not how it works. There's nothing special about fixing bad anxiety. You need to search for a solution, there's no doubt about that, but there's no way that you should spend years on that search. Instead, find coping skills that interest you, make them your own, and then practice them. That's it. Good anxiety

The Story Behind Your Anxiety

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I was on my knees, tears surging from my eyes, when my uncle told me I was going to die. I felt something like despair, even pain, when he explained to me that all people vanish from the Earth. I can still see the 7 year old me slumped over two bony legs wondering how I could avoid this calamity. And you know what? I still don't want to die - not now, not ever. My desire to survive death has always been at the heart of my anxiety. Unfortunately, I didn't know that, and couldn't deal with it, until much later. That's why it took

How Relationships Boost Anxiety (and What To Do About It)

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Have you ever wondered where your anxiety comes from? Have you ever thought about what keeps it alive? Some people think that it occurs in a magical moment, but let's not forget one important detail - magic isn't real. Abnormal anxiety doesn't just appear. There's usually a trigger, like a panic attack, in most cases though that's not enough to animate full blown abnormal anxiety. What if I told you that your family had something to do with it? Yup, you can even add your friends to the list. One of the biggest, and most ignored,

3 Reasons Why Memories Make Anxiety Worse

Memory is really a gift when you think about it. The bad news is that for all the good memory brings into our lives it also has a dark side. Memory feeds anxiety, tangles the truth, and stays with you forever. If you understand how this happens though it won't happen as much. 1. Misery Enhances Memory When you experience a profound emotional event you're more likely to remember it. There's more clarity, detail and impact involved with memories based on strong emotional reactions. Situations that call into question your safety (Or

3 Strategies For Stopping Anxiety

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Are the things you do to reduce anxiety working? I'm going to take a wild guess and say that they're not. One reason for that is that you're relying on a one trick pony. It's called reactivity. Chances are that you tend to be reactive and explore solutions to your anxiety problem only in the heat of the moment (or soon after). But is jumping on Google to read more about what you already know really going to help you? If not, what can you do, right now, that will help you get where you want to be? Here are a few thoughts... Identify

Have You Heard That Meditation Can Ease Your Anxiety?


Today's guest post is brought to you by David Starikov of According to a national survey, over 40 million Americans are dealing with anxiety disorders right now. The truth is though, you don't have to be a statistic. Whether its handling day-to-day stress, balancing work and home, or dealing with the overwhelming and debilitating fear of handling it all, there is a natural way to provide relief for your body and mind. Research proves that meditation has the power to teach you to live in the here and now and not get