Can Yoga Lower Abnormal Anxiety and Help You Find Your Soul Mate?

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To start, let me just say that I do believe yoga can help decrease anxiety. After all, any time you combine deep breathing, stretching, and meditation good things are bound to happen. But can it also help you find your soul mate? That's what author and unconventional Yogi Vish Iyer claims in his book Yoga and Love. In a recent interview with Valerie Murphy, Vish shared that there are specific yoga techniques that can be used to attract the right person into your life. Given that I'm married though, I took particular interest in Vish's views

Paul Answers Listener Email

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In this week's episode of the AG Show I shift gears a bit and just answer a few emails. Actually, this wasn't even my idea. An AG Show listener suggested it a few weeks back and I thought it would be a nice change of pace. I chose 6 or 7 emails that cover a wide range of issues to help sharpen your anti-anxiety skills, or help you fall asleep, it really depends on how soothing you think my voice is. Perhaps the most interesting part of this week's podcast was the opportunity to hear just how many different ways anxiety can impact a person's

This Is Why Anxious People Catastrophize

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No, it's not because you're doing something wrong. All anxious people tend to blow their problems out of proportion to at least some extent. Sure, some people do it more than others, but the reality is that if you feel anxious you tend to view minor problems as potential nightmares. The question is why? Why do otherwise rational human beings torture themselves like this? To my mind, much of this has to do with the fundamental nature of anxiety itself. We can use many words to describe what that is, but most basically it boils down to

Why Does Anxiety Make You Think Crazy Stuff?

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Let's be honest, you're a little crazy. You want to know something interesting though? So is everyone else. In fact, researchers have known for sometime that virtually everyone has "crazy" thoughts. What is a crazy thought? Well, I'd say it's any thought that you would prefer not to share with others because it could cause them to think that you are nuts. But the truth is that most people experience intense thoughts related to things like sex, violence and religion. For example, have you ever imagined yourself socking a stranger square in

Here’s How to Get Stress and Anxiety Hormones Out of Your Body!

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This week's guest post is brought to by author and certified nutritionist Terry Givens. Terry is the author of the book Reset Your Body which details how you can reverse years of unhealthy living. To learn more about Terry and his series of detoxes visit - Paul Dooley In America, we, as a society tend to downplay the physical impacts of stress and anxiety. THEY ARE REAL! And they manifest into physical ailments just as easily as bacteria and viruses manifest into ailments. Believe it. HOW? Your body is a very simple

Why Does Anxiety Cause Dizziness?


Dizziness is common among anxious people. In fact, researchers have found a definite link between persistent dizziness and anxiety. This is particularly true if you have a history of panic attacks. Anxiety related dizziness comes in many different forms and can range from annoying to downright terrifying. It can make you feel like the room is spinning, like you're off balance, or like you might fall down. At the height of my anxiety I experienced this symptom a lot and often felt like I was walking on a boat. I remember on one night in

Nature vs. Nurture: What Causes Abnormal Anxiety?


I have to be honest with you, for a long time I didn't care what caused my anxiety. The only thing I really cared about was making it stop. This view, however, wasn't just short-sighted, it was flat-out dumb. In fact, there's good reason to ponder where your anxiety comes from. Mostly, it helps answer crucial questions like why this, why now and why me? The answer to these basic questions can provide critical insight and a massive dose of reassurance. You see, usually when people come down with anxiety, confusion quickly sets in. Clear

The 1 Strategy You Need to Lower Anxiety

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If you're struggling with anxiety right now there's a good chance that you feel overwhelmed. You might even feel like you're headed in the wrong direction and like things might get worse. But it doesn't have to be that way. What's crazy is that changing this mindset is relatively easy. All you have to do is rip a page out of your junior high algebra book and apply the concept of simplification. This is where you literally try to find the simplest form of a problem to make it easier to handle. The same concept can be applied to your

Can Exercise Cause Panic Attacks?


Typically, exercise is supposed to be one of the best remedies for anxiety and depression. For example, aerobic exercise has been shown to elevate mood, improve sleep and decrease tension. This is ideal for the anxious person. But what happens when exercise increases anxiety? I once had a client who told me that at the end of his workouts his face would turn white, he'd feel dizzy, and his heart would pound. He was terrified that a panic attack was imminent and that he wouldn’t be able to stop it. There was a time when exercise was a