Is Talk Therapy Worth It?

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Recently I found myself on a website that had a lot of comments about how talk therapy was a waste of time and money. Well, consider this a response to all those people. Now, for starters, it's true that I am biased. I mean, I am a grad student learning to become a psychotherapist after all. Just keeping it honest. I also lived with severe anxiety and depression for over 10 years, so it isn't like I don't know what it's like to need or undergo therapy myself-- been there, done that. So, here's the thing: Talk therapy works. And it

What’s the Best Option for Treating Anxiety and Depression?


Today I want to chat a bit about treatment options for anxiety and depression because I'd like to clarify a few things. And in case you're strapped for time here is what I want to say: Curing abnormal anxiety and depression has nothing to do with magic, voodoo, or instant anything. Instead, treating abnormal anxiety and depression involves finding the right mix of remedies that work for you, committing to that treatment, and a little time. This whole issue of anxiety treatments came up because I recently read a question posted on

The Fight Against Anxiety Goes Mobile!


As smartphone technology improves, so will the apps for these versatile devices. There are currently thousands of apps available for the iPhone and Android phone systems and their utility keeps growing by the second. These apps can do everything, from showing you where the nearest restaurants are, all the way to helping you figure out the best deal on a new pair of shoes, as you shop! In fact, there are now anti-anxiety apps as well, and today we're going to tell you about one in particular called "At Ease." Anxiety Guru contributor

How to Cure Abnormal Anxiety

Some time ago, you set out on a journey to cure your abnormal anxiety. And up to this point that journey has been a miserable failure. But that's not your fault. It just takes time. It takes time to find the thing that's keeping you anxious. Today, I want to help you bring your long  journey to an end. So to start, let's go way back. Back to when this all got started. Do you remember your first panic attack? And what about those long days filled with nervousness? I know I do. During those early days chances are that you were

Is Marijuana Good for Anxiety?

Today I want to talk to you about pot. But lest you think that I'm some closet stoner that wants to promote marijuana use. Trust me , this isn't coming out of the blue. Paul Dooley just isn't that spontaneous. The whole marijuana thing is a pretty big issue right now in my home state of California. In recent mid-term elections a ballot measure called Proposition 19 (The marijuana legalization initiative) was defeated. But Prop 19 wasn't hammered into defeat  like you might imagine. Something like 46% of Californians voted in favor of

Try This One-Two Punch Combo to Knock Out Your Anxiety

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If anxiety hasn't made you think you're crazy yet, then trying to find effective ways to kill it will. It is frustrating to have to spend so much time locating books, CD's, or other products that can deliver on what they promise when it comes to getting rid of anxiety but, if you can find a decent anti-anxiety tool that combines two ways of delivering it's message, then you've got a winner. I've said the following in blog posts, eBooks, podcasts, kitchen table conversations and everywhere in between: In order to win your fight against

How to Pick the Right Anxiety Medication

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Somehow, after 10 years of living with anxiety, I've managed to stay off of medication.  But, for better or for worse, that's not the case for most people with anxiety and depression. In fact, researchers believe that up to 10% - or about 30 million people - in the United States alone use an antidepressant. There are also millions more around the world that use antidepressants, beta blockers, sedatives and sometimes even a combination of these drugs to help themselves them cope with their anxiety and depression symptoms. Many of you are

What Everybody Ought to Know About Depression Self-Help

As you traverse the confusing landscape of anxiety you will likely come upon it's alter ego depression . In many respects anxiety and depression are different sides of the same coin since both have the capacity to tangle your emotions and leave you feeling utterly hopeless.  Luckily like anxiety, depression tends to also respond well to treatment efforts like self help techniques designed to combat depression. In my view the goal of most types of therapy for depression and other thinking disorders is not only to reveal the root of your

Do Prozac, Zoloft, And Paxil Really Work?

The issue of whether or not anxiety and depression sufferers should take medication is a hot button issue that I love to press.  As many of you know I don't take meds and I never have.  I will say that drugs like Paxil and Zoloft do help some people and I won't and have not denied this.  However, I would like to point out that those of us who use these drugs and others like them should be more aware of their benefits and drawbacks than we currently are.  It just doesn't make sense not to be as informed as humanly possible when it comes to this