Do You Have to Take Antidepressants Forever?

This is a damn good question.

I got an email from a reader the other day asking whether or not it was a good idea to ditch their SSRI (antidepressant) in favor of going all natural.

This is an issue that a lot of people have pondered given the many concerns surrounding the use of psychiatric medications.

I’ve known quite a few people that worried about addiction or the long-term effects of SSRIs before starting up, which isn’t unreasonable given the side-effects and addictive qualities of certain medications.

However, SSRIs are relatively effective and are not addictive the same way that say alcohol or tobacco is.

So, let’s say everything goes smoothly with your SSRI experience. When should you stop taking them? And what happens when you stop?

I thought that this was a particularly good question given the number of anxiety sufferers that use SSRIs to quell their anxiety.

In this week’s episode of The Anxiety Guru show I explore this question in detail to give you a better idea about when and how you can stop taking your SSRI.

But, of course, I didn’t stop there. I also tackle why anxious people often think they’re crazy and how you can learn to take your own anti-anxiety advice.

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  1. heather says

    After 18 years use i can assure you that anti depressants are indeed addictive. And the withdrawal symptoms are not short lived.

  2. Carmamma says

    Thanks for this podcast. Just went through the self battle of whether to start ssris for anxiety and after obsessively reading up online other peoples experiences, I finally had to do what was going to help me out until I can get it all under control. Anxiety is a tricky beast but your podcasts have been very helpful because you have a very non heavy handed delivery and personable. Thanks again for your insight.

  3. artistguy says

    I do not take antidepressants because I am one of those people who react badly to them. If they work for you then that is fine.

  4. says

    Thank you with anxiety is a daily struggle for a lot of people included me practilly lost everything in my life through it by pushing people away.

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