Learn the Exact Strategy I Used to Heal My Abnormal Anxiety

Do you ever feel like anxiety is going to make you go crazy, or even kill you? What’s been your reaction to this?

Probably to devour even more information about anxiety or anxiety symptoms, right? Yet, you still haven’t solved your problem.

The truth is that you need more than facts. That’s not to say that you don’t need facts. After all, that’s why I wrote my Special Report, How to Stop Anxious Thinking, to explore all the factual details about abnormal anxiety. For some people that information will be enough.

The question is: Is it enough for you?


Your anxiety problem isn’t related to you not finding good information. Your problem is worry. When you feel “OK” you can manage, but when your anxiety comes back you start to worry and find it hard to stop.

You get stuck in the future and start thinking about your health and sanity. This creates yet more worry.

This keeps you in constant conflict.

When desperation takes hold you start to scan the internet for answers about your most hated anxiety symptom or concern. This pattern isn’t helping though. It’s makes your problem worse. And it will continue to get worse until you take action.


What do you do when you have all the information you need but nothing changes? The answer is to accept what you already know.

Acceptance is powerful. It’s a way to bridge the gap between what you know and how you want to feel. Right now there is a disconnect between what you think anxiety is going to do to you and what it actually does. That’s the root of your suffering.

You’re in a constant state of fear. Worry rules your mind. What kind of way is this to live?

The bottom-line is that you feel stuck because you haven’t learned how to accept your experience. You’re too busy trying to protect yourself, which has made life harder than it needs to be. What does protecting yourself look like?

• Avoiding certain places

• Leaving events early

• Constant search for more information

• Asking others to tell you that you’re going to be OK

• Fantasizing about being healed to avoid more anxiety

Well, there’s no need to fantasize anymore. The reality is that you can get better. To get there it’s helpful to learn how to balance how you think AND feel. It’s not one or the other that needs to be mastered.

Chances are that by now you’re an expert on anxiety issues. You’re certainly an expert on yourself. You can use this knowledge to gain full acceptance of your anxiety, which is more than a tolerance for pain.

Let me ask you this: If you lost your fear of anxiety symptoms, stopped worrying, and stopped trying to figure everything out, what would happen to your anxiety?

The answer is that it would die. If you weren’t afraid of your symptoms or thoughts then there would be nothing for anxiety to do, so it would dissolve. I want to teach you how to do that.

I learned how to do this through trial and error. The hard way. You can avoid all that.

Let me tell you about my new eBook. It’s called The Big Idea: How to Use Acceptance to Stop Abnormal Anxiety.


It’s called the Big Idea because I explore the root cause of your abnormal anxiety. I tell you why you continue to lie to yourself and how you arrived at your current destination.

It’s also called the Big Idea because I explain how you reach acceptance. There are many people who advocate acceptance as a means of coping with challenging issues, but no one ever explains how you do this! It’s not good enough to ask someone to accept.

It’s far more helpful to explain what that means and what it looks like. That’s what you’ll find in this eBook.


The Big Idea will help you with 5 important issues:

→ Why you stay anxious and how to let go of your fear.

→ How detachment can help you be more objective.

→ How withholding judgment can put you back in control.

→ How to Balance your thoughts and feelings.

→ How to rely on yourself for reassurance and a sense of security.



Seriously, I’m not a big spender myself and I don’t see the need to charge anything but a fair price.


anti-anxietyBuy Now!


In addition to the eBook, you’ll also get:

→ A FREE audio version of the Big idea (Mp3)

→ Bonus Quick Start Relaxation Guide

→ Access to the AG Members Forum


No problem. I have a 30 day no hassle money back guarantee. That means that if you decide to return it within 30 days, you’ll get your money back no questions asked. I’m far more interested in your satisfaction than I am ten bucks. This makes the Big Idea risk-free!


If you don’t read Anxietyguru.net on a regular basis then you don’t know who I am. The good thing though is that you can visit my archives and read up on the hundreds of subjects I’ve talked about over the past 7 years.

Better yet, you can read the comments on a few blog posts and verify that what I do here is meant to, and will actually, help you.

Now, instead of bombarding you with tons of testimonials, let me share with you a portion of one, very meaningful, email that I recently received.

Hey Paul,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your site and for the huge amounts of information that is truly useable for someone that’s been dealing with anxiety for over 10 years. I feel that your site is one that truly offers hope and brings forth valuable information.

Many sites only increase your anxiety, but the Anxiety Guru site really helps me to find a voice of reason in the midst of a chaotic life.

Your hard work and dedication to providing hope to those who feel they have none is really benefitting [many] that struggle with this condition. THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, for all that you do as you strive to bless us with the knowledge you have acquired.”

– Mr. V


This message I think says it all. I care about what I do and only provide information that I think will be helpful. I know how easy it is to get sidetracked from your goal of being anxiety free, I’ll help you focus better.


If you don’t feel like such an expert on anxiety and how it works, then consider this your lucky day. For a limited time only, when you buy The Big Idea, you’ll also receive my Special Report How to Stop Anxious Thinking absolutely FREE.

Having both eBooks will give you an excellent idea about what you’re facing and how to overcome it, without wasting hours and hours collecting all this information yourself.

Get How to Stop Anxious Thinking and The Big Idea for just… $17.00.


That’s a sweet deal. I went to a big box store the other day and paid $36.00 for a couple of plastic containers. My eBooks have much more value than plastic containers. I guarantee it!

This offer includes audio recordings for both eBooks. Plus, don’t forget that you can print these two eBooks on your home printer.

Remember that the money earned from eBook sales gets re-invested into Anxietyguru.net. That’s why I’m able to give away most of the work I do. Your contribution helps me pay for services needed to keep this site alive.


If  you’re an anxiety expert who is still anxious then The Big Idea is the one you want. Its 60 pages contain what took me years to figure out. What I came up with is more than what you find floating around the internet.

It’s original thoughts based on fact based information. It’s abnormal anxiety filtered through my past torment. Insight that is only attained through ones own suffering. Gee, that’s sounds dramatic huh? But you know what’s sad? It’s true.

Think about your situation and how much you’ve gone through. I went through a similar experience but I was just too obsessive to stop seeking the truth. In the end, the answer to your problem is deceptively simple. Let me open the door so you can see it too.

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