How to Overcome Your Fear of Crowds, Restaurants, and Strangers

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You know that other people don’t bite, right?

Of course they don’t. So why do people with social anxiety run around like they do?

Well, if you fear other people let’s start with why you’re afraid.

You’re afraid of being judged, criticized, ridiculed or laughed at. You don’t like the feeling of strangers approaching or crowds gathering.

So you hide.

You cower in your home. You limit the places you visit. You drown your fears in the mundane but deep down you wish you could do more.

Maybe there’s hope though. Maybe your fear of other people is just an illusion. Maybe you just never gave yourself permission to explore the world without preconceived notions about what’s out there.

The best part is that you can put an end to your fear of people starting today.

You can overcome your fear of crowds, restaurants, movie theaters, or whatever, and it doesn’t require any special tricks.

So in today’s episode of The Anxiety Guru Show I explore what steps you can take to get out of your house and into every fantastic human experience that you deny yourself right now.

Plus, I discuss what a “normal” person is and how to tell if you fall into that category.

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  1. William Bowers says

    Another great show – I am also a fellow Australian trying to catch up on all the backlog of 2012 :) yes it normal to listen 8 pod cast in a row :).

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