My Appearance on the Happy Hour Radio Show

anxiety, podcastI recently had the privilege of appearing on the Happy Hour Radio Show.

I joined Anxiety Gal and her co-host Holly (pictured left) to talk about my past anxiety problems, what I did to get better, and about my work at Anxiety Guru.

At one point during the segment, Holly put me on the spot and asked me to explain abnormal anxiety in just a few minutes, and I’m glad she did.

It gave me a chance to give a spontaneous and honest answer to a question that I’ve wrestled with for years. I usually don’t have a chance to get introspective about what I do at AG, but this interview was a great opportunity to that and deliver my message in a nutshell.

So, if you have about 15 minutes, listen to my segment and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. says

    Thank you, Paul for being on the show! You did a wonderful job of answering our questions and helping our listeners understand more about anxiety and how they can finally be free! You are so candid and eager to help those who suffer from anxiety, whether it is mild or severe. You are always welcome to visit The Happy Hour Show.

  2. Relaxlife says

    Thank you for the link. Your explanation is simple yet profound. Was wondering if we have some more new podcasts of yours in the pipeline? or an e-book with mp3 (even better)

  3. Ellie says

    Just wanted to say thanks! Your first book is probably the best thing I have bought for my anxiety (including 2 appointments with psycologist and some meds). I read the first half, gained understanding about it and was so much better! I do get set backs, and when I do I go back and read your book again (as I forget) so can’t wait to get some $ together and buy the second book :)! Thank you

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