This Simple Change Will Double Your Chances of Recovery


My earliest memory of abnormal anxiety centers on my first panic attack. I remember everything about that night, including how confused I was afterward. I imagine that you must have felt something similar when this all started for you as well, right? You ended up confused, mentally paralyzed, and worst of all, stuck in a useless, unproductive cycle of worry and reassurance seeking. This, of course, is a problem if you ever intend to get better. You need direction; a firm expectation of full recovery. Not everyone would agree with me

You Are Not Alone


Everybody feels alone sometimes. But you face loneliness on a higher level because of over-thinking. You analyze and re-analyze every anxiety-riddled thought, symptom and experience which keeps you in perpetual contemplation. The problem is that as you muse away the day you create real distance between you and the world. That's why whenever you take the time to look up from your disaster fantasies, you might notice that you feel, or are, alone. But understand that the anxious thoughts you cultivate are responsible for

9 Ways to Take Charge of Your Insomnia and Get To Sleep


It’s 2am when I suddenly awoke from a rare but deep sleep, well, deep for me at least.  Of course, I can't simply fall right back asleep because now I have to use the bathroom. I notice that I’m still pretty tired so I am telling myself to focus on this feeling instead of thinking about what I need to do the next day. That pesky To Do list is lurking in the corner of my mind and doesn’t like to be put in time-out. As soon as the fog lifts from my tired brain worry is front and center and plagues me for the next 2-3 hours. A few

How to Lower Stress and Anxiety Without Taking Drugs

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Let me guess. You want to get better without taking drugs? Yes, of course you do. I did too. It sounds pretty good, right? No side-effects, no one questioning your toughness or stability; it would be perfect. What's crazy is that it isn't some wild dream. You probably agree, yes? That's why you're busy trying to imbue this dream with life. You eat right, you exercise, you meditate; it's all perfectly reasonable. And that's exactly why you feel so frustrated. No matter what you do, you're not making any progress. Even those of you that

A Personal Challenge From Paul Dooley

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I don't like New Year's resolutions because they don't work. The reality is that you can start to change on any given day. So I'm not going to ask you to set a goal with an arbitrary timeline. Instead, I want you to reflect on a few things. For starters, what are you going to do differently this year to lower your anxiety? I want you to take a step back and really think about that. After you and I stop stuffing our faces with cookies and pie (or is that just me?) this holiday season it's time to get serious about your

Mental Health: The War at Home


Today's post was written by U.S. Army veteran PM. Warning: This article contains strong language. Mental health doesn’t just affect a certain type of person. It could affect anyone from kids, adults, men, women, black or white; it really does not matter. Does being a veteran mean that I have a significant case of mental health issues? No, it doesn't.  But I would like to discuss the stigma that many veterans experience with you. I spent 6 years in the Army, I spent one deployment in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. After my second

Why It’s Bad to Focus All Your Attention on Anxiety

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If I asked you to tell me what anxiety is I'm sure you'd do a fine job. After all, you know your stuff. You could probably tell me a lot about what your anxiety feels like, what fear feels like, even what terror feels like. I'm confident that you could give me all the intricate details. In fact, I'm sure you and I could easily get lost in the details of your latest complaint, but what would be the point? I know why you do it. You're on the lookout for danger. You're anticipating, calculating, always watching. To be fair, I

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

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I am psyched to introduce you to AG's first full time contributor Valerie Murphy. I met Valerie over 3 years ago at my first internship. I always thought that Valerie was a blast to be around, but I later found out that she also happened to be an anxious person! I had so many questions. Over time we became friends and eventually I asked her to share her knowledge and experience with my audience here at AG. Over the past few months we have been working hard to develop new material and even plan to start a free webinar series to strengthen

How the Right Foods Can Improve Your Mood

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One of the biggest concerns for the average person with anxiety is figuring out how to decrease their physical symptoms. For the vast majority, that means endless hours researching deep breathing, yoga, or feel good quotes. Now, there's no doubt in my mind that if you take meditation and yoga seriously that you will see results, but how many people do? That's why the motivation factor is all-important. Rather unfortunately people get discouraged if they don't see results within a few days. Bottom-line is that if it takes too long to